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Switching from traditional approaches to an Agile environment can be challenging. An Agile Business Analyst plays a key role in the Agile project life cycle. The role comes with responsibilities that include producing feasible ideas, shaping the idea by providing adequate resources, mobilizing the team to achieve goals, building the product, and more.


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4 Weeks | 8 Lectures | 32 Hours

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Agile BA Training Overview



💻 Online, Instructor Led

📅 4-Week Crashcourse

​🚸 8 Lectures, 32 Hours

🏢 1 Live Project

​📆 Saturdays & Sundays

🕒 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM EST

​👨‍🏫 Trainer: Rushi Pandya

🔠 Language: English

C$ 799.00

C$ 599.00




💻 Online, Instructor Led

📅 12-Week Bootcamp

​🚸 Interview Prep

🏢 Placement Assistance

​📆 Saturdays & Sundays

🕒 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM EST

​👨‍🏫 Trainer: Rushi Pandya

🔠 Language: English

C$ 799.00

C$ 599.00


Embark on a rewarding career with our 4-week Agile Business Analyst Training. Dive into the core IT Business Analysis process through a case study, carried out using Agile SCRUM SDLC. Get trained for core Business Analyst Certifications such as ECBA®, AAC®, and Scrum certifications like Scrum Master (SMC®) and Scrum Product Owner (SPOC®)

Agile BA Course Curriculum:

    • Business Analyst Training Program Orientation

    • Business Analysis Profile Overview

    • Business Analyst Job Market Scenarios

    • Business Analyst Career Progression

    • Introductions to Business Analyst Deliverables and extent of duties

    • Introductions to Business Analyst Certifications like ECBA, CCBA®️ and CBAP®️ 

    • Concepts of System Design (front end, back end, APIs)

    • Types of Digital Products and Digital Systems

    • Product Owner vs Business Analyst

    • Business Analysis perspective of Product Owner

    • Initiation of Business Analyst Case Study

    • Conducting Data Analysis for Business Case

    • Conducting market research for Business Case

    • Stakeholder Identification on Case Study

    • Stakeholder Mapping Techniques

      • Power vs Interest Grid

      • RACI Matrix

      • Stakeholder Register

    • Creating Stakeholder Communication Plan

      • Information Management Plan​

      • Corporate Communications

    • Introduction to requirements and types of requirements

    • Requirements Elicitation Techniques used by BAs

    • Requirements Documentation Styles

    • Requirements Quality Control

    • Business Requirements Document (BRD) Initiation

      • Eliciting and Writing Business Requirements

      • Decomposing Business Requirements

      • Business Use Cases

      • Requirements Walkthrough Sessions (Live)

      • Requirements Approval Process

    • Business Requirements Document Sign-off​

    • Introductions to Agile Umbrella

    • Differences between Waterfall and Agile methods

    • Types of Agile Frameworks in Detail

      • SCRUM and Kanban​

      • BDD, FDD, TDD

      • SAFe Agile

      • Lean SixSigma

      • Xtreme Programming

    • SCRUM Ceremonies and their Importance

      • Sprint Planning

      • Daily Huddle

      • Sprint Review 

      • Sprint Retrospective

    • Product Backlog​

    • Sprint Backlog

    • User Stories as Business Requirements

    • Derive User Story Map (Story Mapping)

    • Prepare MVPs for in-scope business requirements

    • Write end-to-end user stores for in-class Case Study

    • Practice User Story Writing on sample Front-End Case Studies

    • Practice User Story Writing on sample Back-End Case Studies

    • BA Interview Questions

    • How to approach Behavioral and Situational questions

    • Mock interview Practice


Success Stories

Aesha M.

Business Analyst

Toronto, ON

It been such a great Journey with IT city, I belong to an electronic background and decided to switch career to IT. 100% recommended, if switching career. This institution is great place to learn and will teach you from all prospective as well as practical knowledge. Will push you to get best version of yourself. 

Chirag T.

Business Analyst

Toronto, ON

“100% recommend for Business Analysis career switch or upgrade. Amazing tutoring skills, project experience, guidance for certifications to advance the career. Had amazing time working with ITCity"

Vivian M.

Sr. Business Analyst

Toronto, ON

"I would highly recommend IT City. Rushi has been an amazing teacher and steps into students' shoes to help them. Definitely 10/10. I was skeptic before joining the course, but a quarter down the road now, I feel confident about my decision to join IT city for my future."

Vishwas M.

Jr. Business Analyst

Toronto, ON

“They helped me gear my career in the right direction by providing hands on training, insights about the industry and  tremendous support during placement. I recommend them to anyone who is looking to advance or change career.”

Prateek R.

Process Analyst

Toronto, ON

"Currently I am taking a BA course with Rushi and he focuses on creating an experience-based learning rather than the traditional way of learning. He also gives great career guidance, helps you to build your resume, and prepares/helps you to get into a suitable job."

Ravi C.

Sr. Business Analyst

Toronto, ON

“The trainer team Rushi & Vrinda have very deep expertise in business analysis and the content they cover, a university will easily charge you thousands of dollars. If your goal is to learn honestly and deeply and change your career, this agency is all you need.”

Preksha C.

Sr. Product Analyst

Toronto, ON

“I landed my first job as a product analyst at a pharma company in Toronto through Itcity. I was a skeptic of the process initially but the close attention and repeated reassurance that I got from the mentors was the deal maker."

Simran K.

Senior Analyst

Toronto, ON

"I am from a non IT background so was having difficulty understanding the concepts of Business Analysis. I don't think anyone else would have explained the subject to me better than Rushi. I hold a Junior BA job now.”

Nikhil V.

Business Analyst

Toronto, ON

“The best thing about this course is the curriculum that the agency has designed. It literally covers all topics and all tools that you might come across at your job. There are no corners left unchecked. This is a complete end to end package. ”

Priyank M.

Business Analyst II

Calgary, AB

“Hands down the best training institute that you can come across in GTA!! The trainers go above and beyond to make sure ALL students in the batch understand the subject matter and ensure we get a job. Everyone from our batch was placed within two months. Rock solid.”

Nisha P.

Business Analyst

Calgary, AB

“I've transformed my career officially from working on the frontlines in the medical field to a health care BA. I sincerely recommend this agency that is looking for actual results. The mentor team will support you always. Thumbs up to Rushi and Vrinda! ”

Ritu P.

Product Analyst

Toronto, ON

“Highly recommend if you are planning to switch careers into IT. All thanks to Rushi, he has been available for us every step of the way to answer the silliest questions we may have, the course is brilliantly crafted to cover all necessary topics required for us to be ready for the market. Highly highly recommend!”

  • Simply put, this is a 3-4 month training program designed to train candidates for the profession of Business Analysis. It is 100% hands-on and practical BA training that requires candidates to perform Business Analysis activities on REAL projects. Not dummy, but REAL projects that have been undertaken by industries in the past or currently. This program will benefit you if you want to:


    1. Start your career as a Business Analyst

    2. Transition your career into that of a Business Analyst

    3. You are a fresh graduate looking to bridge the gap between theory and practical approaches to Business Analysis

    4. Get trained in end-to-end lifecycle of Business Analysis Activities

    5. Are an active professional in other domains looking to transition to a BA role

  • The typical duration of this Agile BA training program 1 month (4 weeks). Classes are conducted 2 times a week with each class ranging upto 4 hours at a stretch. Of course, there are refreshment breaks during the classes.

    Why is the course so lengthy? Well, this is a professional certification that helps you kick-start your career in Business Analysis. This also means that you will need to know EVERYTHING that a seasoned business analyst does to meet their day-to-day BA Deliverables. It takes time to learn something thoroughly and we can't have any loose ends now, can we?

  • Oh Absolutely! in fact 35% of our batches comprise fresh graduates! Our tutoring programs are designed to benefit both new grads and experienced professionals alike. We’ve been tremendously successful in 2020, 2021, and 2022 in placing fresh graduates in Fortune companies with salary packages on the higher ends of $90K / annum.

  • Short answer: YES. 

    Long answer: The BA Role is a corporate role that deals with software systems for any company. There are BAs in ALL industries, so doesn't matter what industry you come from, you can transition into a BA role with proper training, which we provide. Although, you will need to put in a substantial amount of hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears into this. But the end result is extremely rewarding. 

  • This is a live training that will be conducted online via Zoom. A CBAP®️ Certified and a seasoned BA with 10 years of industry experience will lead this program.

    • Fees: The fees for this program are payable in two installments.

    • Refunds: Full refund if enrollment is withdrawn within 15 days of course commencement. No refunds after that time frame for any installments paid.

    • Pricing: All our prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). If you are an international client, your bank/payments processor will take care of the currency conversion. You will be charged in your local currency equivalent to the current date's conversion rate.

    • Payments: We currently accept payments through all Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Paypal. Canadian clients can Interac us too.

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8 BA Techniques

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