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Embark on a journey to become a proficient Front End Developer with our comprehensive course. Master HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and advanced frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular. Learn practical skills, including web accessibility, SEO, testing, debugging, and version control with Git. Turn your ideas into high-performing, user-friendly web applications.

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12-Week Bootcamp  |  32 Lectures

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Front-End Developer Training Overview

Lectures led by an veteran Full-Stack Developer

You earn 44 SCRUMstudy PDUs, enough to take up SDC®️ Certificate!

Learn via performing live projects on Web and Mob UI

Resume Building and LinkedIn makeover included

Learn 12 in-demand Developer Tools and coding best practices

Unlimited mock Interview Practice sessions included

Resume Building and LinkedIn makeover included

Job Profile marketing, and Placement Assistance

Dive into our comprehensive curriculum, tailored to turn beginners into skilled Front End Developers. Gain proficiency in crucial areas, including web accessibility, SEO principles, testing, debugging, and version control. Learn to utilize tools like Git, GitHub, and Webpack effectively, and master responsive design with Bootstrap. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to develop robust front ends for web and mobile devices. 

Our course also includes training for esteemed SCRUM Certifications such as SFC®, SDC®

Key Highlights:


Average Salary among placed deveopers


Graduation Ratio from FED Training Programs


Of our candidates moved to senior roles 


Of our candidates landed jobs in two months

12% of Placements in FINANCE

14% of Placements in TELECO

06% of Placements in PHARMA

03% of Placements in MINISTRY

05% of Placements in ENERGY

60% of Placements in SERVICE

Front-End Developer Course Curriculum

    • Basics of Front-End Development

      • Introduction to Front-End Development

      • Importance of Front-End Development in Web Development

    • Essential Web Technologies

      • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

      • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

      • JavaScript and its Role in Front-End Development

    • CSS Fundamentals

      • CSS Syntax and Selectors

      • CSS Box Model

    • JavaScript Fundamentals

      • JavaScript Syntax and Variables

      • Working with Functions and Events

    • Introduction to Front-End Frameworks

      • Overview of Front-End Frameworks (e.g., React, Angular, Vue.js)

      • Benefits and Considerations of Using Frameworks

    • React Development

      • Introduction to React.js

      • Components and State Management in React

    • Angular Development

      • Introduction to Angular

      • Components, Services, and Routing in Angular

    • Introduction to Front-End Testing

      • Importance of Front-End Testing

      • Different Types of Front-End Testing (Unit Testing, Integration Testing, E2E Testing)

    • Testing with Jest

      • Overview of Jest Testing Framework

      • Writing and Running Unit Tests with Jest

    • Testing with Cypress

      • Introduction to Cypress Testing Framework

      • Writing and Running End-to-End Tests with Cypress

    • Introduction to Web Performance Optimization

      • Understanding Web Performance Factors

      • Optimizing Web Page Loading Speed

    • Optimizing JavaScript and CSS

      • Minification and Compression Techniques

      • Code Splitting and Lazy Loading

    • Optimizing Images and Assets

      • Image Compression and Formats

      • Caching and Asset Bundling

    • Introduction to Build Tools

      • Overview of Build Tools (e.g., Webpack, Gulp)

      • Setting Up and Configuring Build Tools

    • Version Control with Git

      • Understanding Version Control and Git Concepts

      • Working with Branches and Collaborative Workflows

    • Deployment and Hosting

      • Deploying Front-End Applications

      • Choosing Web Hosting Services

    • Introduction to Responsive Web Design

      • Responsive Web Design Principles and Techniques

      • Adapting Layouts for Different Devices

    • CSS Preprocessors

      • Using CSS Preprocessors (e.g., Sass, Less)

      • Creating Modular and Reusable Stylesheets

    • Front-End Performance Best Practices

      • Optimizing Code and Assets for Performance

      • Implementing Caching and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

    • User Experience (UX) Design Principles

      • Understanding User Experience Design

      • Implementing UI/UX Best Practices

    • Front-End Security

      • Common Front-End Security Threats and Mitigation Techniques

      • Implementing Secure Coding Practices

    • Keeping Up with Front-End Trends

    • Front-End Developer Interview Questions

    • How to approach Behavioral and Situational questions

    • Whiteboard Coding Practice

    • Mock interview practice

Our carefully designed program guides you through the fundamentals of web accessibility, SEO principles, testing and debugging, all crucial aspects for creating efficient, user-friendly web applications. Delve into the mastery of version control with Git and GitHub, and unravel the power of build tools and modules bundlers like Webpack. Explore the core differences between jQuery and pure JavaScript and understand the art of creating highly responsive designs with Bootstrap. This course also provides a unique opportunity to build a project portfolio, enhancing your visibility in the job market.

FED Technology Stack (included in curriculum)















​⭐ 44 SCRUMstudy PDUs

💻 Online, Instructor Led

📅 12-16 Week Training

​🚸 51 Lectures

🌆 Evening Classes

​📆 Wednesday & Thursday

🕒 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM EST

​👨‍🏫 Trainer: Rahul Bhatt

​ Language: English

Uh oh, we've just completed a batch. next one is coming soon.



​⭐ 44 SCRUMstudy PDUs

💻 Online, Instructor Led

📅 12-16 Week Training

​🚸 51 Lectures

☀️ Morning Classes

​📆 Saturday & Sunday

🕒 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM EST

​👨‍🏫 Trainer: Rahul Bhatt

​ Language: English

Uh oh, we've just completed a batch. Next one should be upcoming soon.

Schedule for Front-End Developer Training

Build skills with experts anytime anywhere. We offer course training on weekdays and weekends. Explore upcoming Developer Training in Canada.

  • This is a 3-4 month training program designed to train candidates for the profession of Front End Developer in IT. It is 100% hands-on and practical developer training that requires candidates to code the front end on REAL projects. This program will benefit you if you want to:


    1. Start your career as a Developer

    2. Transition your career into that of a Developer

    3. You are a fresh graduate looking to bridge the gap between theory and practical approaches to coding

  • The typical duration of this training program can range from 3 months (12 weeks) to 4 months (16 weeks) depending on overall batch competency. Classes are conducted 2-3 times a week with each class ranging from 3 to 4 hours at a stretch. Of course, there are refreshment breaks during the classes. Why is the course so lengthy? Well, this is a career starting / career transformation program which means that you will be subjected to an actual DEVELOPER role after this course. This also means that you will need to know EVERYTHING that an experienced developer does.

  • Oh Absolutely! in fact 35% of our batches comprise fresh graduates! Our tutoring programs are designed to benefit both new grads and experienced professionals alike. We’ve been tremendously successful in 2020, 2021, and 2022 in placing fresh graduates in Fortune companies with salary packages on the higher ends of $90K / annum.

  • Short answer: YES. 

    Long answer: This is a completely technical role that requires a technical background in the form of a formal degree or prior training or even self-study training. If you do not possess this background, you may be asked to take up a crash course and pass an eligibility test to sign up for this program. That being said, you will need to put in a substantial amount of hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears into this. But the end result is extremely rewarding. 

  • YES! You get resume writing services, developer interview preparations, profile marketing services, and placement assistance with the program should you need it. 

  • This is a live training that will be conducted online via Zoom. An active-duty full-stack developer with 10 years of industry experience will lead this program.

    • Fees: The fees for this program are payable in two installments.

    • Refunds: Full refund if enrollment is withdrawn within 15 days of course commencement. No refunds after that time frame for any installments paid.

    • Pricing: All our prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). If you are an international client, your bank/payments processor will take care of the currency conversion. You will be charged in your local currency equivalent to the current date's conversion rate.

    • Payments: We currently accept payments through all Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Paypal. Canadian clients can Interac us too.

Frequently Asked Questions

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