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our contractors are serving fortune 500 

Our intellectual property-based solutions help you accelerate innovation and drive operational excellence.


Are you a Fresh Grad or a Newcomer to Canada? Our Upskilling programs help you bridge the skill gap for the jobs of tomorrow!


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Honest Reviews

H. Desai.

Data Analyst, Big Data

Mississauga, ON

"ITcity helped me in changing my field. After completing my bachelor's, I wanted to change my field to IT. They guided me so perfectly for what I wanted to achieve."

Shivani C.

QA Analyst

Waterloo, ON

“I like Purvi's approach to teaching how to develop QA automation scripts from scratch. She showed me real examples and supported me for 4 months at my jobs. I can now develop scripts on my own."

Hardik Mistry

Sr. Business Analyst

Toronto, ON

"They provide excellent training and will surely get you in better position if you give your best too.They provide excellent training and will surely get you in better position if you give your best too."

Nancee Patnaik

Junior BA

Kitchener, ON

"Their entire team is quite helpful and worked hard to get me where I wanted to be. I had lectures even at 11 pm in the night! Their dedication deserves an applause."

Bhagyalaxmi P.

BI Reporting Analyst

Calgary, AB

"Rushi was so kind to allow me to sit in two BA batches consecutively as I did not understand the concepts.These guys will work with you closely to get you to your goal. I just got placed in TCS. I am very happy! ”

Gurpreet Kaur

Cyber Security Professional

Edmonton, AB

“I came to Canada a few months ago and I had a hard time finding a job here. I came across itcity from google and they helped me build a career plan according to Canadian standards and help me transition to my new job”

Jawansinh Rana

Business Analyst II

Caledon, ON

“Reaching a point of boredom in my career, I felt lost. That is when a friend referred me to ITCity consulting. I was certain, I did not want to start from scratch, nor did I want to take a break to facilitate the switch. And that is exactly where ItCity stood strong for me.

Nisha P.

Business Analyst

Calgary, AB

“I've transformed my career officially from working on the frontlines in the medical field to a health care BA. I sincerely recommend this agency that is looking for actual results. The mentor team will support you always. Thumbs up to Rushi and Vrinda! ”

Dhruvil Yvas

Data Science Specialist

Arizona, USA

“I highly recommend their placement services for anyone who has had a bad experience with other agencies. I was given 10 mock interviews and these preparations were something that I had not been taught at my previous agency. Opened my perspective to a lot of areas in the field of data science.”

Ritu P.

Business Analyst

Toronto, ON

“Highly recommend if you are planning to switch careers into IT. All thanks to Rushi, he has been available for us every step of the way to answer our silliest questions we may have, the course is brilliantly crafted to cover all necessary topics required for us to be ready for the market. ”



Today’s talent pool offers a world of opportunity, but only if you can tap into it fast. Our all-in-one platform is the best way to find, recruit and hire your top candidates, anywhere in the world.

We are constantly looking for trained professionals who share our vision and want to contribute towards the success of aspiring IT professionals. We offer a part-time work-from-home model with flexible work hours. See open positions to see where you fit!

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